Work at OK- Joining the Leading Entertainment Brand

Day by day, more and more candidates want to join Okvip, a brand known for its attractive and growing benefits and benefits packages. For those who are looking for a solid stepping stone for a career at a promising company, the corporation’s recruitment information below will be extremely useful, follow along below!

Explore career opportunities at Okvip Group

As a leading Media & Entertainment group, Okvip has affirmed its position not only in the domestic market but also internationally, especially in Asia. With its global expansion plan, the group is aiming to explore markets in the Americas and Europe, opening up a series of new and exciting opportunities.

Explore career opportunities at Okvip Group

Here, we are looking for outstanding talents, ready to join and contribute to the development of the group. With clear development goals and plans, we are committed to providing candidates with an ideal working environment, competitive salary and excellent benefits, with the desire to attract and retain talented people. the most talented person.

Career opportunities with Okvip vacancies

On the official website, recruitment information is continuously updated, opening up opportunities for candidates who want to participate in a dynamic and challenging working environment. Below are some typical positions that Okvip is looking for:

Website SEO specialist position

OK Currently expanding our team of SEO experts and looking for candidates with ability and passion for website SEO. A dynamic working environment and personal development opportunities are what the group offers, with a starting salary of 12 million VND/month during the probationary period and increasing to 15 million VND/month when officially joining. In addition, there are monthly KPI bonuses and other attractive benefits.

CSEO instructor

If you are talented in content creation and love writing, the SEO Content Specialist position here is the playground for you. This job requires candidates to contribute to marketing campaigns by creating unique content that creatively promotes products. The basic salary during the probationary period is 12 million VND/month and increases to 15 million VND/month after joining the official team, along with commissions and bonuses based on work results.

Digital Marketing

This position requires skills in analyzing market trends and enhancing brand awareness through effective Digital Marketing strategies. Okvip offers a competitive salary, starting from 45 million VND/month during the probationary period and having the ability to increase from 50 to 70 million VND/month for official employees, depending on ability and personal contribution. core.

Career opportunities with Okvip vacancies

OA assistant position

The opportunity to work as an OA Assistant does not require experience but requires good communication and effective problem solving skills. This is an opportunity to develop skills and participate in a professional and challenging environment.

Okvip is constantly looking for and welcoming potential candidates who want to join its team, providing career development opportunities in a classy and global working environment.

CCareer opportunities and benefits at Okvip

At Okvip, not only is bringing you career opportunities with great potential a priority, but we also offer a range of special incentives and benefits for our staff.

POutstanding benefits at Okvip locations

As a market-leading entertainment group, we are committed to providing our employees with top compensation and benefits policies:

  • During the probationary period, you will receive a high salary, up to 80% of the official salary afterwards.
  • Once you become a full-time employee, your earnings at Okvip can be impressive, with some positions reaching nine-figure monthly earnings.
  • Employees will also be rewarded on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays throughout the year.
  • Clear promotion opportunities, based on fairness and transparency in evaluation, are open to all employees.

Career opportunities and benefits at Okvip

Mprofessional school

At Okvip, we pride ourselves on our professional environment, where personal and professional development is a top priority. The recruitment process is fair, objective and has healthy competition, ensuring sustainable development for each member.

Kskills and expertise

Joining the Okvip team, you will have the opportunity to hone and develop your professional skills along with work experience. The Group regularly organizes in-depth training courses and workshops to help you maximize your personal potential.

Cat the facilities

One of the highlights when you choose to join Okvip is the comfortable and modern infrastructure. We provide maximum support for employees with all needs from accommodation to meals, along with amenities such as gyms and swimming pools, to ensure a healthy and comfortable life.


Vacancies at Okvip not only give you a job with an attractive salary but also an opportunity to become part of a professional and dynamic working environment. With top remuneration policies and a vibrant working environment, this entertainment group is proud to be the ideal destination for your career development.